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How to Generate a Public Key Part for a Vanity Address

There are a few ways to generate the Public Key part that is sent to Vircurvault to generate your Vanity Address, but we will be showing the easiest and most foolproof way to generate one.

Generate using Casascius Bitcoin Address Utility (Easy)

  1. Download Casascius Bitcoin Address Utility and unpack the archive.
  2. Open the program and click Tools.
  3. Click the Address Utility.
  4. Click the Generate Address button.

You will get a result in your utility that has the following values.

Public Key (Hex): 043F6CC4096D6B7A2BB416E2365BE6D80E4BF68A974845164BED62FBFC9030E1647390D8BAD9BE0C44939AA16E7E81F20DEF26A358FDCDC321E73F49F4B859BAAD
Private Key (Hex): EE645AD5D7228C1BC7F51BA8830D7A91F70B01AE188FB01CCB7E61E52DDA38D0
Address: 14V3Jivte64V9gEWnYADeg1Gh9xjQB4jWi
Private Key (WIF): 5KdGz7Phuw7cpBXiGGc5qB9wMKZVW4s6xdm6yLLqKvU2MWAN6FL

Copy all of this information to a very safe place, possibly just add it to a text file and print it out. Then hide it in a safe place offline.

Next, you will need to send Vircurvault the Pubic Key (Hex) value, otherwise known as the Public Key part. In the example above, that value would be:


We will use that Public Key part to generate your Vanity Bitcoin Address. That way your real Private Key is encrypted, and is safe from both us, and anyone who might get a hold of the information somehow.