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+ What is a Vircurvault?

A Vircurvault is a virtual currency paper wallet that is laminated for protection from moisture and everyday use. It was originaly designed for Bitcoin only, but has evolved into a full virtual currency wallet project supporting alternative coins like Litecoin and Doegcoin.

+ Does a Vircurvault come with any virtual currency on it?

No. Due to FinCEN regulations, we do not fund any of our Vircurvault wallets or Vanity Addresses at any time before or after creation of the wallet.

+ How can we trust you, won’t you see our Private Key?

The Vircurvault website is encrypted with SSL encryption through the HTTPS protocol. You should see a green lock or some sort of indicator that the website is secure in your browser window near the address bar. This means that the connection between the web server and your browser is encrypted similar to when you use a shopping cart purchasing items online. Those who want to be even more secure can download the source HTML file for the wallet generator and use the file on your local machine offline to generate your wallet address.

+ Do you keep copies of backups of the private keys from a Vircurvault.

One copy of your private key is ever created for each Vircurvault wallet. The private key is only visible while viewing the Vircurvault wallet generator for a specific design after generation has completed. Vircurvault does not cache any generated private keys or store any backups of generated private keys.

+ Are you still selling printed and laminated Vircurvault paper wallets?

We have stopped selling and shipping the printed Vircurvault paper wallet product in it’s current form for several reasons. The main reason is that printer ink costs way too much for home printers to print the quality needed for these wallets to look great. The second reason is that printing at a high quality printing facility is out of the question due to security concerns for the private keys. Perhaps at some point we can figure out a way to revive these in a different format that is cost effective, but it just wasn’t adding up for the cost we were selling them for and the expense of printer ink. Instead, we have made the our current designs available on our website so you can generator your own wallet.

+ Are you still selling Vanity Addresses?

We have stopped selling vanity Bitcoin addresses. We were able to generate these with a specific video card setup for a period of time, but since have installed a different video card and have not been able to get it to work properly. If we find the time to figure out the issue we will maybe start offering these again.