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Vircurvault assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen Vircurvault wallets, vanity addresses, or any virtual currency that has been lost or stolen after a wallet has been received for delivery. We do not make or keep copies of generated virtual currency wallets of any kind. Only 1 copy of each Vircurvault wallet is ever made, and no backup or copy is created. We had originally planned on having a backup service, but decided against that for possible regulation concerns.

Vircurvault also assumes no responsiblity for what the owners of Vicurvault wallets do with the virtual currencies stored or on their wallets. Once the Vircurvault wallet has left our possession in the mail for delivery, we no longer have any association with that wallet or it’s contents.

All Bitcoin wallet addresses have been generated by the Bit Address Open Source Software that can be examined by anyone or a Java Programmer for imperfections or possible exploits at We feel that the software has been proven clean and very useful by the Bitcoin community. The source code is also available on Vircurvault assumes no responsibility for any issues regarding the Bit Address software or it’s derivatives used to generate other virtual currency wallets. We merely change the look of the output of the Bit Address CSS to allow them to be printed in our custom format. Please take up any issues you have with the generation of addresses with the original project author.

Vircurvault does not store any virtual currency for it’s customers, therefore it is by definition NOT a financial institution of any kind. We provide a product available to customers trading in virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin and are users of the currencies as per the guidelines set forth in March 2013 and February 2014. Our products are our Vircurvault Bitcoin wallet, Vircurvault Litecoin wallet, and Vicurvault wallets for other virtual currencies. These wallets are simply pieces of paper that have had public and private keys for a virtual currency printed on them. They are then folded and laminated for protection and security. We keep no copies of these keys and do not add any virtual currency to the wallet at any time. The wallet is sold to the customer empty and they may choose to do with it as they want.