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Vircurvault does not directly share any personal information or identifiable information obtained through viewing our website, purchasing our products, or purchasing our services with entities outside of our very small organization. We do however use services such as Google Analytics and possibly advertising services like Google Adsense or otherwise that may share some of your information anonymously outside of our very clear cut Privacy Policy. Please view Google’s Privacy Policy here. We specifically require that IP addresses are anonymized by Google Analytics. We also honor the Do-Not-Track protocol, which will not track you at all if you are running a browser extension that enables Do-Not-Track.

With respect to Advertisers.

We may accept various offers from advertisers depending on their specific terms, yet we are not at liberty to discuss them in a public forum due to our privacy policy. We will disclose as much information as we can when adding this new advertiser to the site to be transparent about their addition to the website, without breaking our privacy policy and agreements with our advertisers.

Thank you for reading the Vircurvault Privacy Policy.

-Vircurvault Staff